Concept Evolution™ Completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Software Solution from FSI

facilities management facts:

  • Completely web based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM).
  • Accessible anywhere via a single web browser.
  • Extremely powerful, flexible and easy-to-use Facilities Management (FM) solution.
  • Single, integrated view of FM activities.
  • Integration with common business applications for complete control of FM functions.
  • Built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology.
  • Owned and developed by FSI.

the benefits include...

  • Concept Evolution is a web based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution. This allows for a rapid roll out; as well as a low cost of ownership.
  • Industry standard databases are supported; including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • CAFM functions combined with a multi service Facilities Management (FM) control; this provides users with full control of all their day to day FM needs.
  • A multi discipline helpdesk is provided; this gives you full control of all your hard and soft services all in one place.
  • Customer data is segregated by region and operation. This allows for the management of regions; multiple customers; and service providers all from within one easy to use system.
  • Customer contracts can be managed. This provides users with easy access to tools like task rates; job schedules; resource charges; contract status; validity dates; costs; and SLA's etc.
  • Limitless concurrent user licences with no workstation restrictions are supplied. This allows for a low cost roll out of the system.
  • Named user licenses; this ensures all users have full access to the system.
  • KPI performance monitoring across the lifecycle of all FM tasks.
  • Mobile solutions; these provide a seamless integration between your back office and mobile workforce.
  • Workflow Pro allows for the automation of business processes and integration of Concept Evolution with all your business systems.
  • Concept Reports is included as standard for ad hoc report writing.
  • Digital Dashboard; this provides you with a real time graphical image of your KPI’s.
  • The multi-tiered costs structure; this supports your existing business and financial codes.
  • Available online as a fully hosted FM solution.

Overall, our CAFM software caters to these business processes;

Core System Functionality
  • SLA control
  • Buildings and Property Register
  • Contact Management
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Audit
  • Document Management
  • Finance (cost centres, cost codes)
  • Health and Safety Notes
  • Planned Events Diary
  • Resource Planner
  • Resource and Skills Register
  • Shift and Rota patterns
  • Supplier Register
  • System and User queries
  • Task Window
  • Timesheets
  • User Accounts and Roles
  • Work Permits
CAFM Computer Aided Facilities Management Software<
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