Concept Connect™

Concept Connect™ allows you to extend, via a light web portal, access to Concept Evolution™ to your sub contractors and anyone else that does not require full system capability. Moving the day-to-day work to your contractors, including grids, search facilities and the assigning of resources etc, will allow them to complete their own tasks.

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What is Concept Connect™?:

Concept Connect™ is a facilities management solution that allows you to extend, via a light web portal, access to Concept Evolution™ to your sub-contractors and anyone else that does not require full system capability.

By providing a tailored version of Concept Evolution™ via Concept Connect™, contractors have instant access to information relevant to their contract, including Purchase Orders, Quotes, Task Management and Reports.

Optional Operation facilities management functions include:

  • Task control
  • Task allocation and fast sign off
  • Time sheets
  • Purchase order requisitions
  • Support for Digital Dashboard

Operational pages for Concept Connect™, with constraints added where appropriate, include:

  • Task Control Management: extends the Task Control Module within Concept Evolution™ CAFM onto the intranet, allowing users to view Task details from anywhere in the company with internet or intranet access. From within the set-up preferences of the main Concept Evolution™ system, the user can be automatically restricted to view only particular task types, and each user can set up their individual preferences for the content of their task control display and their filter boxes, thus ensuring only relevant information is visible.
  • Fast Sign Off: allows intranet / internet users to complete and feedback into the main Concept Evolution™ system all details of a given task. Fast Sign Off can either be operated independently, or integrated with Task Control Management. To ensure security of data, the user can be restricted to viewing certain task types or tasks from one or more resources, thus making possible for an engineer to sign off only their own tasks.

Features of Concept Connect™ include:

  • Partitioning of Concept Evolution™, providing a scaled-down view of the Concept Evolution™ data specific to your needs.
  • View and manage your own tasks, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Reports only.
  • Set a certain level of completion against tasks.
  • See certain events logged against tasks.

Key features

As a portal to the completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management solution that is Concept Evolution™, Concept Connect™ allows your facilities managers to:

  • Access a superior Computer Aided Facilities Management solution anywhere via a single web browser
  • Use an extremely powerful, flexible and easy-to-use FM tool
  • Gain access to a single, integrated view of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management activities
  • Integrate with common business applications for complete control of Facilities Management and Maintenance Management functions
  • Interact with CAFM software built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology
  • Rely on a professional facilities management tool owned and developed by FSI
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