Concept Evolution™ version integrates with IFS 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine

Version of Concept Evolution™, the completely web-based CAFM solution from FSI includes the following.

Integration with IFS 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine:

Concept Evolution™ and FSI GO can be integrated with IFS 360 to enable automated allocation of the most appropriate resources to any task.

Contracts can be configured as schedulable, allowing any tasks associated with a Contact to be set to be scheduled by 360 Dynamic Scheduling.

As part of this integration, the following related enhancements have also been developed:

  • SLA target times can be set, taking into account the Building / Location opening times by use of the SLA Calendars.
  • Associating multiple affected locations to a Task has been added.
  • Estimated Time has been added to the main page of the Advanced Helpdesk.

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