24 hours with Abdel from FSI Middle East

Abdel Awadalla, Product Specialist for FSI Middle East, invites Facilities Management Middle East magazine to spend 24 hours in his working life.

5:40 am: I wake up early in time for morning (Fajar) prayer.

7am: I enjoy my breakfast and catch up on the daily news headlines.

7:45am: I arrive at the office early to avoid traffic. This allows me to catch up with emails from the previous night,
before the helpdesk phones open at 8:30am.

8:15am: Morning Stand-up with everyone in the office. The team gives a brief rundown of their previous day's activities and what is planned for today.

8:30am: The helpdesk lines are open and I get my first call of the day. I connect remotely to the client's PC and work with them to resolve the issue.  I always get a sense of satisfaction knowing I have helped someone.

12:30pm: I take a short break for lunch. Today I am lucky and have managed to get out of the office for a half hour.

1:30pm: Today is my weekly catch-up call with the UK Support team.  I use this meeting to get progress updates on the enhancement the UAE team has asked for.  The call is also useful to understand what new features are going to be in the upcoming releases.  This allows me to get ready to help our clients when new software is released. This call runs for bit longer than normal as there is a major new release coming in a couple of weeks.

3:30pm: I review my outstanding call list with my manager and we reprioritise some calls.

5pm: The helpdesk lines close and I put together a to-do list for tomorrow.  I then send out a few emails to some of the clients (who have had solutions provided during the day) to see if everything is okay.

6pm: I head home for a quick bite to eat before heading out for the evening.

7pm: I meet up with my friends to enjoy an exhilarating game of football at the Sudanese Club.

9:30pm: I get home and call my wife before finally calling it a day.