Mobile asset management to:

  • Reduce time and effort to collect and enter asset data
  • Remove reliance on spreadsheets or 3rd party software
  • Integrate with Concept Evolution Asset Register in real-time
  • Enforce strict rules for asset naming and classification
  • Prompt users to collect asset information relevant to the asset type

Intuitive Asset Collection 
Assets are created on the activity in a simple and intuitive staged process:

  • Avoid duplicating data by checking the asset code or barcode first
  • Select the asset Location from a pre-defined list of locations in the building
  • Add QR codes or Barcodes
  • Take multiple pictures
  • Record asset conditions
  • Copy assets
  • Create multiple assets of the same type in the same location

Use Asset Classifications to keep data consistent

  • Ensure mobile users create assets according to your naming conventions and hierarchies
  • Simplify asset terminology for mobile users
  • Classification Rules are created in Concept Evolution and apply consistently across ALL of your asset collection methods

Make your data collection Smart

Use the Concept Evolution Smart Attributes feature to define an unlimited number of additional fields specific to the asset type. For example, the information required for a Lift asset can be completely different from the fields available for an AHU asset.

Collection and Verification - For Mobilisation and Improvement Projects

Use Concept Evolution to create and assign Asset Management Tasks to mobile users. Send existing Concept Evolution assets to the mobile devices for resources to review asset details and confirm their validity.

Mobile users, when reviewing assets, can verify details, edit, or recommend the removal of assets.

Concept Evolution users can view task progress, site attendance, start and finish times and the see results of the collection and verifications of assets.

Out of the box configuration

Control your asset data requirements by setting the mandatory fields for asset data entry and the collection modes or permissions available to the user.

Make your asset management mobile with the FSI GO Asset Manager Activity.

Contact us to find out more on how it can form part of your asset management strategy.