BAM Construct, in partnership with FSI and Autodesk, developing integration between BIM data and CAFM

The project is being developed in partnership with CAFM provider FSI (FM Solutions) and computer-aided design software developers Autodesk. It aims to create a workflow whereby FM input goes into the creation of BIM data at the beginning of the design and construction process, to ensure the smooth transfer of relevant and usable data at the FM stage.

BAM FM managing director Kath Fontana says that the project will give a real example of the theoretical benefits of BIM to the FM sector and "become a standard way of operating".

"We want to create a process and workflow that will become part of BAM's core offering to create a complete solution for our customers," she said. Fontana added that the process has been designed to "take out the risk of getting to the end of project without knowing the costs of maintaining it."

Compton Darlington, business development director of FSI (FM Solutions), said that the quality and accuracy of supplied data was the greatest variable in having an effective computerised facilities management system.

"Our project will instigate the collation of useful and relevant information in a uniform and structured format," he said. "From the outset, we will be automating the creation of asset and FM contract management data. We will be building a link between FM data and visual information, ensuring ready access to accurate information at all times."

The project will initially use data from a number of existing construction projects to "retro-test" the process; a "lessons learned" report will be published in the spring. The process will then be tested on an as-yet undecided live project later in the year, likely to be one of BAM's public sector schemes.