Big Data - big impact

Jacqueline Walpole, Business Analyst at FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, discusses with PFM magazine just how important FM data is in strategic property decisions.

FM data can give you the information you need to make the right property decisions for your organisation.  At its most basic, it allows you to gather all the information on all the costs required to maintain your buildings: energy, contracts, lase and rents.  But it's what you can do with this data that's really exciting.

It enables you to plan your budgets for lifecycle costing, plant replacement, planned refurbishments and post-occupancy evaluations.  It gives you the ability to optimise energy consumption, sustainability and space management, helping you to identify how often facilities are used and the right workspace solutions, such as dedicated versus hot desks.  Most importantly, you can measure the data against KPIs and decide whether the trade off in customer satisfaction from improved efficiency is merited.

Exactly what knowledge you want from your FM data will depend upon whether you are the occupier, the FM provider or the finance department, but a good FM platform will offer the right insights for all three perspectives.  it is important to identify the type and level of information you want before commissioning your FM system, but ideally it should give you the big headlines with the ability to drill down into them to get the level of detail you need in a way that is easy to interpret, for example pie charts and graphs.

It should be able to integrate with other systems to optimise your business intelligence and it should give you the flexibility of access you need: web-based, multi-platform solutions can be accessed from anywhere on any device.