CAD Connect™ is a desktop application which is installed alongside AutoDesk®, AutoCAD® or AutoDesk Architectural Desktop® and which provides the tools and information to manage space and infrastructure costs effectively.

Integrated to the Concept Evolution™ database, CAD Connect™ allows an understanding of the space usage patterns and requirements for each part of an organisation. It provides information to allow for cost reductions through rationalisation of redundant space. The data inherent within the space allocation functions of CAD Connect™ enables auditable charge back to be implemented quickly and with confidence.

The features of CAD Connect™ include:

  • Linking Concept Evolution™ assets, space and personnel, to AutoCAD® objects, providing both graphical and traditional reporting techniques.
  • Real-time and bidirectional synchronisation of data between Concept Evolution™ and AutoCAD®.
  • Dynamic visualisation of space usage.
  • Optimisation of space planning, by providing accurate stacking diagrams together with the consumption of space.
  • Ability to assist with the development of occupancy plans.