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PPM Planner

PPM Planner
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Asset Register

Asset Register
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Report Generation

Report Generation
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FSI (FM Solutions) Limited continue to provide solutions for single to multiple site operations, and for management and control of multiple FM services, with the launch of the latest version of Concept™.

Concept™, available free of charge as part of your existing Support contract, includes the following new features:

SQL Lite:

Edit Security Rights button available on the logon screen.

PPM Planner:

Colour legend toolbar and corresponding descriptions.

Asbestos module:

HSE 227 compliant.  Concept™ now uses the HSE suggested algorithm for calculating priority and risk assessment of an Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).  Users can also create their own priority assessment factors and categories, useful for defining the priority assessment of an ACM.

SLA module:

Addition of Department as a selectable node on the SLA matrix.

Access rights against all SLA buttons, for increased system security.

Stock & Purchase Order module:

View stock issued for a single stock item, along with an option to print this information.

Visitor Management module:

Multiple records set as having arrived for or departed from an event, allowing fast management of visitors during large events.

General new features:

Search bar in the location picker window for typing in text for a location and displaying matching locations.

Addition of system-wide access rights to mark tasks as complete or sign-off tasks to history, throughout the system.  Users can be granted or denied access accordingly.

Instruction table fields available to select via Field Definitions in User Preferences, displayed as columns in the Task Control window.

Copy function via the Work Permit window, allowing details for an engineering returning to site for the next planned maintenance task to be copied from the last permit, avoiding the need for duplicate manual entry.

Asset Register Tree list opens in its own window, for ease of use.

Individual security option allowing Users to change their own passwords even without access to all User settings.

Automatic population of the Date Contacted field when inserting a Time Record.  This field is also modifiable.

Read-only field on the Time Records window, displaying the time between the start and finish date for a resource assigned to a task.  Utilised when calculating hours used.

Task Finish Date visible against historic Tasks on the Call Logging screen.

Contact the FSI Support Team on +44 (0)1708 251980 for details of how to upgrade your existing Concept™ system to version

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