Facilities Booking provides a flexible set of tools and options to simplify the administration and optimisation of shared resources throughout a property portfolio. From meeting, conference room and hot desk booking through to booking training facilities, parking spaces and pool cars, the Facilities Booking module combines a rich feature set with ease of use.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook Appointments, users can manage bookings, catering, inventory and attendees.  Via the Add Booking button in Microsoft Outlook, this integration allows for a Facilities Booking to be associated with an Outlook Appointment.

For users who don't have an instance of Concept Evolution™ or Concept Reach™, the Add Booking function allows for the search of criteria for a booking, including catering and inventory, and to make the booking directly into Microsoft Outlook, automatically updated into Concept Evolution™ and Concept Reach™

Facilities Booking is fully customisable by user, based on criteria including the department, catering requirements, room and priority. Users can manage bookings, catering, inventory and visitors as well as internal or external charging for space, catering and resources.

If a required room is unavailable, users can place the booking on a Waiting List system which will notify the user should the room become available and automatically creating a provisional booking for that user

With the Advance Room Selector, users can instantly create block bookings and recurring bookings. Specific room attributes can be selected when searching, for example IT capability, disabled access, catering etc, as well as required dates and times. The Advance Room Selector returns the results for available rooms based on the chosen criteria.

Additional functionality of the Facilities Booking Module includes the ability to amend any or all occurrences within a recurring booking in one transaction, including catering, inventory and timings. The booking is instantly updated with these changes and can be viewed easily via the graphical planner.

Functionality within the Facilities Booking Module helps to maximise the utilisation of shared resources and prevents duplicate bookings. It assists in the reduction of the administrative workload on the FM team, and ensures that the correct services and equipment are in the right place at the correct time; thereby providing a more efficient service to end users.

Features of the Facilities Booking Module include:

  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook
  • Available as a standalone application or as a module with Concept Evolution™ Lite, Concept Evolution™ and Concept Evolution™ Plus
  • Individual and block/recurring bookings
  • Booking and management of catering
  • Reservation of inventory and equipment
  • Recording attendee information
  • Internal and external charging of bookings and management of payments