First DBA’s in FM from Sheffield Hallam University

First DBA’s in FM from Sheffield Hallam UniversityFirst DBA’s in FM from Sheffield Hallam University

The first two graduates from Sheffield Hallam University FMGC have achieved DBA degrees in Business Administration in FM, one of whom was sponsored by CAFM Developers FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, PFM explains.

The degree offers experienced FM practitioners support while undertaking research projects of direct relevance to their employer, profession or industry, and to produce a doctoral thesis that makes an original contribution to professional knowledge.

Dr Rachel MacDonald, Director of Facilities at North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust, who was sponsored by Concept™ CAFM developers FSI (FM Solutions) Limited through her three years of study, identified strategic leadership behaviours and practices among NHS managers that contributed to gaining excellent PEAT assessments, while Dr Andrew Green created and validated a process of guided self reflection by managers about aligning support environments with the needs of their business.

Professor If Price explains: “We knew then that there were individuals working in FM who aspired to the highest level of degree in the academic system, however, the traditional PhD was a long and lonely process for those in employment.

“Our DBA demanded the same high level contribution to knowledge but focussed more on professional practices and provided opportunities to develop research plans and methodologies in a series of six block weeks over the first two years of the programme.

“Students were able to work in a mutually supportive cohort.  To have two students complete successfully within the minimum time limit demonstrates the benefit of the Hallam approach.”

Andrew Green and Rachel MacDonald were encouraged by the cohort structure and both submitted and defended their theses within a week of each other.  Both, in different ways, addressed the problem of FM engaging with the language of a particular business.

For example, Rachel researched the achievement of a select group of acute NHS trusts in consistently gaining excellent PEAT assessments at all their sites through three rounds of evaluations.  Rather than issues of location, budget, organisation or mode of provision, she demonstrated consistent leadership behaviours shown by the relevant FM managers.

She identified the strategic behaviours and practices that would be of real benefit to the modern NHS in leading high performing teams.