FMJ profile: FSI’s Managing Director loves the Concept

Before his arrival at CAFM system supplier FSI as Managing Director in 2005, John Moriarty had a love-hate relationship with technology.  After operating CAFM solutions at arm's length in a 25-year career in the FM industry, he realised there was more to CAFM solutions and data than just churning out reports and managing FM Services.

 "I'd been a considerable user of technology - not just of Concept™ but of CAFM in general - of course, I really did not comprehend the amount and type of data available to an FM and how, by analysing data in a more strategic way, different decisions could be made that may fundamentally improve both profitability and service delivery within a business.  Equally, the power of "good data" over "poor data" and its interpretation became very clear," he says.

"I used technology as an enabler in my role as FM Services Director at Mowlem to deliver FM services and enable reactive work.  We used the data in a very tactical manner.  Data was used as a means of defence rather than a means of improvement of both the client and sub-contractor experience.

"Since taking the helm at FSI, the power of the technology and just how integrated and important a CAFM solution is within many businesses has become very clear.  By harvesting the right data and collaborating with other technologies one is able to develop a clear business strategy for FM services delivery.  Making strategic rather than tactical decisions is based upon a continued appraisal of performance, which can only be derived from data."

When Moriarty joined FSI, its flagship Concept™ system had long been a leading CAFM platform in the market.  During the last five years, the business and the product have continued to evolve rapidly, embracing web-enablement and the growing demand for hosted software and investing in operations and client support resources.  The latest version of the platform, Concept Evolution™, is accessible from anywhere via a single web browser.

"Concept Evolution™ was developed based upon a clear brief and in contrast to many software development methodologies; we knew what we wanted, when we wanted it and importantly, how it would look upon completion.  Our brief remained simple: it has to meet the ongoing needs of the business, client need and importantly the changing space of technology and its thirst for web-based products."  Words Moriarty has learned over the period - sustainable, interoperable and extendible - all now mean something: Concept Evolution™.

As Moriarty explains, FSI has always been more than simply a software provider.  Software deployment and the consultancy offered has always to be in context with two key objectives: (a) best practice methodology and (b) importantly how can the Concept™ product fit and integrate seamlessly into the client environment.  "Our team take an objective view of a business issue and in context, provide a workable and importantly, sustainable solution that will derive a value proposition for our clients' business."

Moriarty says FSI is committed to the client and improving, collaboratively, their business process and how Concept™ is embedded within their strategy.  "Client satisfaction is our number one priority and we have invested in our staff to ensure they offer the most competent and client focused service to our client base.  This strategy sits at the root of the company's consultancy delivery.

"The power of data expedites change and is at the core of everything we do," he says.  "We shall continue to evangelise over data and its power and how, by thinking differently, it may create a different platform for delivery and client retention."

At a Glance:
John Moriarty, 49, started his career in facilities and services with Hewlett-Packard in 1981.  He later spent a decade with IGS Services before joining Mowlem as an Account Director in 2002.  In 2005, he crossed the service/technology divide when he became Managing Director at FSI.

Moriarty, who lives with his family in Kent, is a keen cyclist.  He has scaled the Andes on two-wheels for charity and will take part in the 485-mile Lands End to Dover event in 2010.  He's also an avid Manchester United fan but - depending on who's listening, shares his favours almost equally with Liverpool.

"I'm a participative, affable chap," he says.  "I need to know and understand the employees in our business, and I'll have a comforting ear for most.  And of course, that goes for our clients too."