FMJ reports from Tune in to FM

FMJ profiles the latest Tune in to FM seminar from FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, developers of Concept Evolution™ fully web-enabled Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM).

Clear differences in ideologies and high-end FM knowledge were the main themes at CAFM provider FSI's popular Tune in to FM event at Microsoft London. Professionals from the FM industry gathered at Microsoft London in May to discuss the industry hot topics at the event, which is now in its 13th outing since its inauguration in 2004.

John Davis, Managing Director of Facilities Recruitment Limited (FRL) opened the morning proceedings with a discussion regarding the trends, challenges and solutions of FM Recruitment. He reasoned that FM is all-too-often seen as repairing draining and washroom facilities, when in reality FM encompasses the many components which comprise the management and maintenance of substantial buildings and property portfolios across the globe. FM, and more importantly, the people in FM, needs to be professionally branded to reflect the scale and enormity of the service. Davis called for FM to be better and properly represented at Board level, and for FM providers to brand and promote themselves in the industry.

Tim Winter, Head of Engineering at KPMG, provided his view of the FM industry, which was about filling the gaps, focusing organisations at every level on client delivery, and making it successful. Winter revealed that he closely and carefully measures the performance of the supply chain used by KPMG, employing a team of auditors to check their performance and progress. And only when work is completed successfully and to the agreed Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators will KPMG's suppliers be paid. This work ethic ensures KPMG's suppliers are motivated, driven to provide cost-controlled services of quality and efficiency.

Bernard Crouch from BIFM London and Gunnersbury Consult opened the afternoon proceedings. Crouch discussed how the use of technology has affected and will impact flexible working in the FM arena, Using a selection of images taken through the ages, the presentation reflected the many and varied changes in the working environment.

Paul Crilly, Chief Executive of Reliance Facilities Management, argued that Tim Winter's work ethos of hiring auditors was a self-fulfilling prophecy, as they are sure to find fault with the system. Crilly challenged the conventional wisdom and approach, on the processes utilised to meet and achieve Reliance's service delivery objectives, and whether or not there are alternatives.