Mobility is nothing new in FM.  But until recently the separation between corporate and private devices has led to engineers typically carrying two devices.  The bulky PDAs widely used in FM are cumbersome, expensive and restricted to one operating system and the available technology.

The merging of corporate and personal devices, encouraged by Bring Your Own Device policies, has provided the catalyst for FSI to develop a brand new mobility platform, FSI GO.

Most significantly, it is compatible with all major smartphone and tablet operating systems - Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 - meaning it can be rolled out across your team regardless of their preferred devices, and without a major investment in bespoke PDAs.

It's also called FSI GO because it's super speedy.  If a new contract is won, FSI can develop new apps on the fly to meet client requirements, offering previews for refining the design so it completely supports client needs.

Significantly, it comes with a range of pre-designed template applications but also allows complete customisation to support the needs of an organisation.  FSI will work with organisations to understand what the App needs to achieve.

FSI GO integrates with other applications across an organisation - for example, FSI can build in a timesheet function that integrates with existing HR systems, for keeping track of engineer hours.  If engineers need to order replacement parts in the field, FSI can develop a PO capacity that dovetails with current financial applications.  FSI GO can deliver a mobile application for the whole organisation, making it a true corporate mobility tool, rather than a tool for just the FM function of the organisation.

With such a flexible application, it almost seems excessive to say that it has all the functionality built in to enhance every aspect of FM mobility.  FSI GO allows teams to send and receive documents, capture pictures and customer signatures, and deliver real-time analysis, enabling improved business management.  Barcode and RFID/NFC support reduces data entry errors and improves knowledge and support in the field, thereby improving client service.  Responsiveness is improved with the integrated mapping ability to locate a user or find the nearest team member.  And costly delays are eliminated if glitches do arise: remote device management means your team member can be up and running again within minutes.

FSI GO is available as a stand-alone platform or in conjunction with FSI's Concept Evolution workplace management solution.  It is fully scalable, to support anything from 1 to 1000+ devices.  Secure logons and data encryption protect privacy, with a variety of security options allowing control of who gets to see what.  Plus, the fully supported disaster recovery process minimises down time.

FSI GO is designed to empower FM teams.  But its next generation approach means it will push out the boundaries of corporate mobility. 

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