FSI breaks all the rules

FSI breaks all the rules

Tony Seale, FSI’s Technical Services Development Leader

FSI announce at London Stock Exchange forum its commitment to user dialogue and feedback, a radical software development programme.

London - 19th February 2004 – Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems developer and solutions company, FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, announced the breakthrough new generation Concept Workflow Professional module which, according to the company, is set to “radically change the way that FM systems relate to clients and end-users”.

"Importantly for companies and organisations Workflow enables managers to map out their business processes," explained Tony Seale, FSI’s Technical Services Development Leader. "For a long time it has been suspected that CAFM could become a fully scalable business tool. Workflow Professional makes that a reality and builds upon the Workflow Lite platform, namely messaging, to create proactive facilities."

Seale, in charge of FSIs strategic software development, addressed a packed audience of senior directors from major FM service companies and building portfolio owners, at the inaugural Tune in to FM seminar at the London Stock Exchange.

"Workflow can become the ‘glue’ for business processes. This is the first CAFM module that lets managers and non-experts define and write automated business rules instead of the usual reliance on professional programmers."

Workflow uses diagrammatic formats to make the process easy and intuitive. It’s fully scalable and can become an expanding library of powerful actions to meet the users needs.

Following the announcement that Workflow Professional was already in trial, Compton Darlington, Operations Director for FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, explained that workflow takes CAFM into the non-expert realm: “Workflow Professional processes illustrate perfectly how CAFM systems can become an essential part of business process rather than its traditional reactive role in the FM world. This promises to be one of the most valuable tools to ever hit the FM market, with potential to interact with different platforms and business applications.” FSI anticipates that Workflow Professional will be released before the Q3 2004.

Lucy Jeynes, deputy chair of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and MD of Larch Consulting, made the forum keynote address. Jeynes endorsed FSI’s strategy of disseminating best practice with users, which includes the Tune in to FM seminar series. Solutions partners Xmbrace and Cognito, explains Darlington, with scheduling and mobile applications “ensure that FSI's Concept system remains not only the best in breed system, but at the forefront of innovative business solutions for our clients.”

About Tune into FM Forum Series

A series of six seminars to be hosted at venues through out the UK, the TUNE IN TO FM Forum Series brings together leading specialists in the CAFM arena to share best practises and expertise. The brainchild of FSI, the forum aims to provide a platform for development of integration of the fast-growing FM Industry and to encourage greater dialogue with users.