FSI Intuitive BI is a business intelligence dashboard solution, providing instant data visualisation and analysis of the information stored in your Concept Evolution system.

The solution supports the distribution of key management information to Concept Evolution and Concept Reach users, in an easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, end users can manipulate, extract and present data in an easy-to-understand format, and publish at the appropriate level of detail for each user role/responsibility automatically.

Information is presented in simple graphical forms (trends, gauges, bar charts, pie charts etc), called components, that are combined into dashboards of relevant information. The FSI Intuitive BI platform has the unique ability to reuse the same components and dashboards many times without incurring an additional performance or cost overhead, potentially slashing the time and cost for BI solution development and maintenance.

For the first time, business users can utilise pre-prepared data extracts called datasets, and use simple drag-and- drop tools to create visual components and dashboards without detailed knowledge of the data structures.

Examples of customised dashboards include:

  • A Customer portal, showing task performance and facility utilisation
  • A Supplier portal, showing real-time information on Tasks assigned to them, and the customer satisfaction levels they are delivering
  • Finance
  • An Engineer portal, showing their outstanding tasks, available on their smart phone/device

FSI's Intuitive Dashboard solution is available with the following pre-packaged dashboards covering core functionality:

  • Asset & PPM Management
  • Helpdesk Call Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Finance
  • Task Analysis
  • Resource Efficiency & Workload
  • Facilities Booking
  • Management Overview

Available in other languages.