FSI Middle East discusses the local market with Big Project Magazine

FSI Middle East discusses the local market with Big Project Magazine

FSI (FM Solutions) Limited is a company that supplies building services and facilities management software to FM contractors, so as to help improve the lifecycle, operations and efficiency of buildings.

Amongst their building management solutions, the company offers technology that "compliments other technology within a building, such as automated monitoring systems within a building," says Adrian Jarvis, general manager of FSI (FM Solutions) Middle East.

"We're a developer and implementer of a computer aided facilities management programme used by both service providers and the owners and stakeholders in buildings," he explains.  "We spend lots of time talking to people within the building services industry, people who need to manage buildings from a property management perspective, to ensure that we understand what they need and to ensure that we're not where they need to be just today, but also tomorrow," he adds.

"We can be capturing those requirements and bringing things into our software to help them."

Furthermore, he points out that there has been significant changes in the way the UAE market is approaching the adoption of FM technologies, to make their buildings more secure.

"I've seen great changes in the last four years, people are understanding all these buildings that exist here, they're not going to look after themselves, and they need information to help them manage them and extend the lifecycle of these buildings, and help manage them and keep the value of the buildings as an asset, as a piece of real estate," Jarvis says.

"So this market is moving at pace, in terms of its maturity, with the UAE leading that understanding across the Middle East.  Other countries are coming up to speed at slightly different rates, but certainly the awareness is spreading very rapidly."