To meet the obligations of the regulation, FSI are committed to and actively working towards providing the tools to allow our users to achieve compliance.

We are tightening up data controls in key areas of the FSI applications and, where possible, putting control of personal data and consent back in to the hands of the users, to not only view and manage contact details held about them, but also choose to opt out of email notifications.

The FSI applications will allow users to publish Privacy Policies regarding the retaining and processing of user data, and users will be asked to consent to these policies on sign up, first use, or any updates to the policies.

And any new mobile or desktop applications developed in FSI GO or Concept Advantage will use the principle of 'privacy by design'.

The GDPR Toolkit

FSI have developed a toolkit for users to manage data retention rules in accordance with their data privacy policies.

The toolkit can manage personal data across the FSI applications, including Concept Evolution, Concept Connect, Concept Reach, FSI GO and Concept Advantage.

Functionality includes:

  • Defining the lawful base for retaining and processing personal data
  • Setting retention periods for personal data
  • Controlling GDPR actions permitted within the retention period, such as preventing anonymisation or extraction
  • Managing user GDPR requests
  • Customising content and format of extracted user data
  • Anonymising personal data in data fields on request
  • Setting up rules for automated anonymisation or deletion of data when outside of the lawful retention period
  • Predefined templates for key data types

The toolkit is backwards compatible for older versions of FSI products, allowing users to start managing their data under GDPR policies, without needing to upgrade to the latest version of Concept.