Helping the MoD with Concept from FSI

Amey is one of the UK's leading providers of outsourced business support services, infrastructure management and capital projects with a 2004 turnover of £1 billion.

In may 2000, Amey, together with its consortium partners, announced that it had completed financial closure of a contract to refurbish and service the Ministry of Defence's main headquarters building in London.

The 30-year concession is valued at £1.5 billion and is the largest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project, in terms of government accommodation, ever awarded to the business services sector.

The challenge

Now in the third phase, following an unprecedented massive decant and overhaul of the MoD's Whitehall premises, Amey Business Services continues to deploy smart solutions, such as the innovative use of computer aided facilities management (CAFM) and including record management of over four kilometres of government filing.

Following early scoping exercises and the major decant of 3,500 employees out of the Ministry of Defence's headquarters into four adjacent Whitehall properties, including the Old War Office, Amey has focused on delivery of a full complement of support services in these buildings for the past four years while the main building was redeveloped, enabling annual cost savings on central London buildings to the tune of £10m.

For the remainder of the 30-year concession, Amey will continue to provide some 60 support services.  These services include facilities management, which will comprise asset management, computer infrastructure and network management, helpdesk facility, estates maintenance, office services, cleaning and catering, conference and room booking.

Amey needed a solution that would allow it to set up an asset database and provide basic FM support functions - such as planned preventative maintenance and helpdesk facilities - to buildings within the contract scope.  The system also needed to have conference and room booking facilities and e-mail and on-line capabilities.

The solution

To manage these support services effectively and to the standard demanded by the detailed output specifications, Amey required a flexible and comprehensive facilities management IT solution.

The system that Amey chose needed to be robust and had to be able to support multiple sites.  Furthermore the system needed to support a variety of file formats and be capable of importing and exporting data to any ODBC database.

Amey has deployed FSI's flagship CAFM system, Concept 500, as the core FM system since the start of the contract, around which a range of solutions have been developed, based on a range of modules to cover services from reactive and planned maintenance through to catering and room booking.

Amey's responsibilities, which span crèche facilities to maintenance of flagpoles, also include the logistics of document management for one of the UK's most prolific users of high security document management.  It is here that all the MoD's closed files are stored, which adds up to more than 4,800 linear metres of shelving.

The results

For this particular requirement, FSI's Workflow solution - an intuitive module which enables development of processes to match specific client needs - has been deployed, to enable management of a referenced library of documents.

Records of bar-coded scanned documents are uploaded to enable tracking of document boxes through to loading on to shelves.  This enables tracking of all individual files and status of boxes in and out.

The systems that Amey has put in place now need to support the contract for another 25 years, and this has been reflected in their overall approach.

Management of assets and compilation of historical information is an essential element of this, and will help with future market-testing requirements.

Similarly, Amey has recognised that development of the interface between the services they provide and the customers who make use of those services is vital to future service improvements.  As such, they are now embarking upon a significant project to make many of the services available on-line.

This is a flagship contract for Amey, providing services to one of the largest and most sensitive Government departments, and Concept is at the heart of their operation.