How To Integrate Smartphones Into Your Connected Workplace

How To Integrate Smartphones Into Your Connected Workplace


A quick look at how smartphones may permanently replace access cards and become a security access device

The hardware within smartphones has now developed to a level where they can rival many desktop pc's for power and as such the software capabilities are becoming forever more intelligent. Mobile is continuing to become the future and software for both mobile and tablet is continually offering new innovative opportunities for us to make our applications more user-friendly.

This leads us to the question - can smartphones replace traditional access cards within the workplace?

Smartphones are already replacing many daily uses for security cards. Credit/Debit card usage is likely to see a decline in the forthcoming years with mobile payment applications Apple Pay and Android Pay, both allowing you to pay at terminals with your smartphone or smart watches.

With encryption methods enabling mobile payment and bank transfers, the technology is there to allow us to integrate smartphones within the connected workplace, and create systems where you can allow building access using smartphones. Facility Managers would be able to manage access and also view access logs and statistics without the need to manage cards and the issues they present; loss, copying, passed on and stolen.

Smartphones as a security device can offer different problems to traditional access cards. For example, smartphones do pose a threat to being hacked so there needs to be a number of security measures in place. There may also be the scenario of employees replacing smartphones so that may pose transitional management issues but with the way technology is moving, smartphones will continue to be the future and are completely changing the way workplaces can function.

Mobile facilities management in its entirety is forever evolving and has completely changed the way we think and strategise in the workplace. Response time to issues has never been quicker and managing mobile workforces is simpler and easier than ever before. The ideal scenario for facility managers is to centrally manage all aspects of their facility from one portal and further integration of security access onto smartphones will further allow that.

In our earlier example of smartphones replacing payment cards, global technology leaders have noted that the secure cardless payment systems have managed to eliminate many of the vulnerabilities that are faced, mainly using ATMs - with this in mind, why can't smartphones do they same for building security?

The connected workplace is developing, evolving and becoming more intelligent at every moment. Managing data and people is becoming both simpler and more intricate at the same time, and the latter is allowing facility managers to work in a way that is more efficient than ever before.