Concept Evolution™ and FSI GO integrate with IFS 360 Scheduling for automated workforce scheduling.

IFS 360 schedules a mobile workforce effectively and profitably, returning immediate cost benefits, including the reduction in travel costs and the improvement in dispatcher-to-engineer ratio.

At the heart of IFS 360 Scheduling is the dynamic Scheduling Engine, constantly reviewing both workload and technicians: routine decisions are made automatically by the system to ensure the correct resources are utilised to achieve optimum efficiency and maximum customer service.

Contracts in Concept Evolution™ can be configured as Schedulable, and once set, any tasks associated with a Contract can be set to be scheduled by the 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine.


  • Available with the Concept Evolution™ base system and FSI GO.


  • Automatic scheduling of resources to tasks for optimum efficiency.
  • Cost benefits: reduction in travel costs and improvement in dispatcher-to-engineer ratio.