FSI's approach to integrations is based on business value. We will adapt and provide an integration solution using whatever mechanism provides most benefit to the client and which solves the business problem.

Often, FSI's preferred method of systems integration will be to use the Concept Workflow ProTM module. This allows the majority of standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfaces to be configured using graphical design tools as opposed to programming code. Such integration workflows can be developed by business consultancy as opposed to software development, reducing the overall cost of ownership and allowing rapid definition and deployment of procedures in line with business processes.

Standard integration tools within the Workflow Pro™ module include:

  • Delimited Text Reader (CSV files etc.)
  • Delimited Text Writer
  • XML file reader
  • XML file writer
  • Custom Code Actions
  • External Database Readers
  • FTP Action
  • Web Service Node

For larger integration exercises where responsibility for business processes and ownership of data is more separated, FSI recommends XML web services. However, integration between Concept EvolutionTM and business systems is dictated by the infrastructure and application interfaces provided by those relevant business systems. 

FSI's approach to implementation and integration is one of business value. Our professional services team will provide a mechanism that delivers most benefit to the business whilst solving the relevant problem.

Integration examples

Example 1

A property management company has invested heavily over the last few years providing a web-based Community and Property Information portal. It offered a helpdesk system, local news events and local travel information as part of their service to the tenants in their properties. A large amount of their tenants are familiar with these web-based interfaces and do not want to change. FSI produced an XML web service interface into ConceptTM that provides the client with access to transferring new helpdesk calls in real-time into ConceptTM, allowing the service management teams to use ConceptTM and its SLA management function to manage the jobs properly.

Example 2

A property development company has an existing web-based property portal, which includes a web- based helpdesk. FSI produced an XML web service into ConceptTM that provided the client with access
to transferring real-time new helpdesk calls into ConceptTM. We worked in partnership with the client in defining a reciprocal XML web service to their business system which allows all of the resulting SLA and job information from ConceptTM to be sent back to the client's business application.