Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power


FSI Territory Sales Manager, Karl Broom, brings us his latest blog from his 'blog from the street' series, Knowledge is Power.


Do you ever feel as though you get lost in the software products you use day in day out? 


I must use Word and Excel nearly every day, and I am focused on the same functions to deliver the same results. It gets a little tedious... 


Sometimes, we need to reset and make sure we are doing the right thing, and not developing bad habits. This is the same for sports men and women, they are constantly critiquing their technique, diets and mental capabilities, to ensure that they are able to perform to their maximum. But what about software? For some of us we need to use software day in day out, for the same function. And are there new functions within the software you simply didn't know about? I know with my use of Word and Excel I know only 25% of the functions, I simply don't know about the others - they could dramatically improve my working life and I simply don't know about them! When we start using a new software package users often get presented with a manual and asked to teach themselves, or a colleague lends them an hour of their time to hand down their "superior knowledge", in effect passing their bad habits onto someone new. Sometimes we need to go back to the drawing board, reset and learn. We are all consumed with busy and demanding days, but for us to make the most of these days it takes for us to step back and learn, so that we can improve - let's face it, there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to use a piece of software!


I believe one of the fundamentals of a software company is to innovate, to make the lives easier for end users when delivering a function. This was a lesson Apple learnt early on, they stopped innovating (between the Apple I/II) and become stagnant, and wondered why they were losing market share - rapidly! I think it's clear they learnt their lesson, and they are quite possibly seen as the greatest innovator. But how confident are you that you even know all the functions on your phone? Whilst we aren't the size of Apple, we do innovate and with every release there are new functions within the system which over time you will forget about, but may well be missing out on!


The knowledge gained from Training allows us to grow our use of software, and expand into areas we previously never ventured into. It means you gain greater value from the applications we use. 


We understand that people learn in different ways, when it comes to Concept training we can provide refresher training, a Concept Clinic, classroom and online training, a method to suit you and your colleagues. We are here to help, keeping you updated and getting the full use and benefit from your Concept system is not only key to us, but to your business.