Mobile Audits allows for the creation of audits and surveys for any of the main entities in Concept EvolutionTM.

Sites, buildings, locations, assets, tasks and bookings can be audited, as well as financial objects including purchase orders and invoices.

In each instance, reusable templates of questions can be configured and applied to one or many locations or items. The system can even randomly select a percentage of items for auditing.

Audits can be generated for a one-off assessment or can be scheduled for regular occurrence and are attached to a task to capture the details of who is carrying out the audit and to manage the SLA targets for delivery.

Mobile Audits is fully integrated with FSI's mobile workforce application, FSI GO, allowing feedback to be captured in real time via smartphones and tablets.

In all cases, the audit completion and success/failure data is held in the centralised Concept EvolutionTM database.

This enables flexibility of reporting, BI and dashboards, and allows publishing to clients, contractors or users through Concept ReachTM and displayed on the home page in Concept EvolutionTM.