Mobility Platform

Incentive FM uses the FSI GO fully customised mobility platform from FSI, the developers of the Concept Evolution range of web-enabled CAFM solutions.

"FSI GO is compatible with major smartphone and tablet operating systems, thus allowing it to be rolled out across our team - regardless of preferred devices and without a major investment in bespoke PDAs," says Bruce MdDonnell, operations director, Incentive FM.

"Because it's been built using industry standard technologies, it's also easy to manage longside our existing business applications. FSI GO is deployed via a web platform that is fully supported with a disaster recovery process, meaning a minimisation of downtime for Incentive FM."

It's called FSI GO because it's super speedy, McDonnell points out. "If we win a newc ontract, FSI can develop new apps as and when needed to meet our requirements via the drag-and-drop app builder. We're currently using the platform as a front-end for Concept Evolution to manage and raise helpdesk tasks, control planned activities, as well as service compliance and quality auditing."

But speedy mobilisation isn't the only key factor with FSI GO, according to McDonnell: significantly, it comes with a range of pre-designed template applications but also allows complete customisation to support our needs. "FSI will work with us to understand what the apps need to achieve.

With the future growth of our company in mind, another reason for choosing the application is our need for future
proofing and potential scalability to incorporate other functions within our business."

McDonnell notes that FSI GO has plenty of other potentially useful functions too, for example it can build in a timesheet function that integrates with existing HR systems for keeping track of engineer hours. If engineers need to order replacement parts in the field, FSI can develop a PO capacity that dovetails with current financial applications.

"FSI GO can also deliver a mobile application for our whole organisation; making it a true corporate mobility tool, rather than a tool just used for the facilities management function of the organisation. Teams can send and receive documents, capture pictures and customer signatures and deliver real-time analysis - enabling improved
business management."

McDonnell says Incentive FM maximises the capability of the system not just in hard service engineering delivery but across its whole FM service delivery operation.