The powerful rules engine in MTZ uses ultimate logic for the setting of time zones. Users do not have to populate the system with regards to which time zone they are in, but instead, MTZ factors this in for them. As a result, a single instance of Concept Evolution can be used across an entire portfolio, worldwide.

Set-up pages enable users to de ne which time zones are required, providing the ability to attach them to the following entities:

  • Database
  • User Account
  • Task
  • Building
  • Resource
  • PPM

Features of MTZ include:

  • Automatic clock/date/time adjustments for daylight saving.
  • Seamless calculation of date/time across multiple time zones.
  • User controlled de nition of time zones in conjunction with Windows standards.
  • Ability to set time zone visibility.
  • Compatible with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) module.
  • Personalisation of grids to display the same date/time in different time zones, via Concept Grids.
  • Seamless integration and simple upgrade path from existing single time zone systems.