New Region - New Manager

New Region - New Manager

JB (Jon) Benjamin introduces himself and FSI's new business ambitions in the Americas

As you can imagine, growing up in southern Ontario, I'm no stranger to the cold. The only thing making this a "cold start-up" in Canada, is the weather! With offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia, I'm excited to take the next step in making FSI Global a truly global company by building their presence in The Americas.

We have accumulated a loyal client base (particularly in healthcare) and support partners throughout the region but my goal is to add value to those customer installations, win them over to the newest and up-coming additions to the FSI portfolio and recruit them as advocates of the technology as I look to broaden the installed base, both geographically and into new business sectors.

So, what do I bring to business and the journey ahead? I have a 30-year track-record in the region in customer sales and support of organisational management IT spanning: ERP, HRIS, privacy and security, digital encryption and data protection, hospital infrastructure and information systems and, not least, the P3 (Public Private Partnership) space. From working within Fortune 1000 businesses through to start-ups that have grown to IPO status, I believe I have established a credible personal reputation that earns me a hearing at the highest decision-making levels in both corporate and public sectors.

The main target sectors are no secret. In addition to Healthcare, our key focus will include national and local government, property management, education, transport and mining.

There's a growing understanding of the value that CAFM/IWMS is acquiring as part of the organisational management IT matrix in Canada and our products are built from a customer perspective to visualise the data that our clients need in a modern, agile and intuitive way.

I believe the application stories that FSI can tell and the capabilities on offer provide great potential in establishing the company here as a leading supplier and industry voice. I want to make sure that those stories get heard by the right decision-makers.

And in due course I'll be back to tell you how we're growing in the region…