On-Site Course Delivery

Due to location or work commitments, it may not be possible for you (or your facilities management team) to visit one of our training centres.

In this instance, FSI is happy to deliver Concept training at your business premises or at your training centres.

Your company database can be replicated during training, ensuring employees and facilities managers familiarise themselves with real-time scenarios before going live in the work environment*.

The benefits of training on-site or at your dedicated training centres include:

  • Regional training locations: situated to reach more of your employees.
  • Reduced travel and overnight accommodation expenses for your facilities management team and/or employees.
  • Localised, dedicated training centres away from clients’ working environment: no distractions or interruptions.
  • No disruption to your organisation: no need to provide IT resources, training resources, training facilities, etc. Your employees focus on learning Concept.
  • Empowerment of Concept users: training provides the skills and knowledge needed to maximise your use of Concept.
  • Dedicated, full-time FSI training consultants: no sub-contracted third party trainers involved.
  • Face-to-face, instructor-led training.
  • All FSI training consultants are actively involved in the on-going development of the Concept product range.
  • Networking opportunities: meet with clients, exchange user tips and information, and share best practice.
  • Training can be conducted on a replicated database, providing an ideal opportunity to test and analyse the capabilities of Concept in a ‘safe’ environment, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of how you use Concept: a free audit whilst you learn*.
  • Client-specific and customised facilities management software training courses available.
  • High-quality documentation provided, which fully supports Concept.

In addition, we are happy to advise facilities managers and companies on how to prepare your training environment prior to the event. Click here to download a copy of our on-site preparation document. Or you may be able to take advantage of our hosted facilities management training facility.

Please contact FSI's Training Department to check availability and to book your place.

*Applies to dedicated client training sessions.  Additional costs incurred for data preparation.