What is Qubi?

Qubi from QED Advanced System Limited is an easy-to-use interactive light cube for hot desk bookings, linked to Concept Evolution.

Qubi provides clear 360 degree visibility of workspace status using simple red and green LEDs.  Users can validate pre-booked desk and room bookings, book a desk or room for pre-defined periods of time, extend current bookings, and perform manual or automatic check-outs with all information directly fed back to Concept Evolution.

Features include:

  • Optional interactive modes for Check-in, Check-out, Extend and Instant Book are performend using RFID cards or tags.
  • Simple card-driven interactive access.
  • No-show auto cancellation to automatically free up resource for others to use.
  • End of booking reminders to ensure meetings finish on time.
  • Overnight scheduled power save mode to minimise running costs.
  • Information is automatically fed back into Concept Evolution.
Technical requirements:
  • Connects to a standard LAN network with an RJ45 Power Over Ethernet (802.3af) connection - external DC power supply for non-POE use also available.
  • Supports standard DHCP or static IP addressing using either HTTP or secure HTTPS protocols.
  • Wireless available.
  • Hard-coded application with no operating system, to remove virus or malware vulnerabilities.
  • Connects via a QED ResourceXpress server to Concept Evolution or Microsoft Outlook Exchange.
ResourceXpress and Qubi are trademarks of QED Advanced Systems Limited.