Resource Planner allows for the organising and planning of work orders. Users can instantly determine available resources via the graphical planner, which provides a high level overview of availability for multiple engineers, whilst visibility of their skills and disciplines ensures the correct engineer is assigned to action work orders.

Holiday/absence dates and times can be added to the planning calendar, whilst optional notes can be placed against individual engineers or groups of engineers for specific dates. These are displayed at the top of the planning calendar, to act as a reminder of specific issues or events occurring.

The planning calendar automatically allocates a default minimum time slot for work orders where an estimated completion time is not known and constantly checks whether adequate timeslots for the completion of tasks have been selected, based on the known criteria for completing tasks.

Using drag-and-drop functionality, tasks copied into diaries via the Resource Planner (as well as tasks created or amended directly in diaries), are automatically updated in Concept™.

A colour-code can be set for diary entries based on various criteria, including high priority tasks, tasks by contract, holiday / absence / sickness dates etc. A colour legend is available in the tool bar as a reminder of the colour-code.

Resource Planner provides three planner levels:

  • Single Engineer Week View (SEWV): for the assignment of work orders and absences, by both drag and drop and manual assignment
  • Multi Engineer Day View (MEDV): additionally to SEWV, work orders can be moved from one engineer to another
  • Multi Engineer Week View (MEWV): provides a summary and navigation to both the SEWV and MEDV planners

Features of Resource Planner include:

  • Allocation of multiple disciplines to resources
  • Configurable planner, by start of working week, hours per day, etc
  • Configurable diary entry colours for sickness, breakdowns, PPM's, etc
  • Estimated travel times displayed as separate entities, but still connected to the diary entries
  • Standard cancellation reasons for work orders, to promote data consistency
  • Contract statutory holidays, for accurate engineer availability
  • Mouse-over information, including site name and building code, against diary entries
  • Skills Expiry Report, detailing expiring skills against resources