Tech, FM and the Far East

Karl Broom, Territory Sales Manager at FSI, brings us his latest blog, this time focusing on tech, FM and the Far East.

After returning from my business trip to Hong Kong, I am pleased to add this quick paced, authentic and vibrant city to one of my favourites. It started off blurry eyed, the flight was good but jumping that many time zones is never good for the old body clock! 

The week consisted of many meetings, our man on the ground Danny Ho had accepted my mission of keeping me flat out and it was bound to be a week of learning; Culture, Business, FM and Technology. We'll start with culture, I quickly learnt that you must get into a taxi from the side of the pavement, the driver will open the door for you and you get in, simple. If you go round to the right hand side and let yourself in you enter the shaky territory of disrespecting the driver, I did this on day one so we will class this as lesson number one!

What was interesting was the the pulse of which Hong Kong operates, there is always something going on. There is a real passion for Business here, it's everywhere you go. I'm a big believer in relationships, it's what keeps the cogs of Business turning. Here in Hong Kong they are key, and it was great to see how good relationships opened the necessary doors. 

I didn't know what to expect on the FM front, over the years I've been lucky enough to visit different countries to know that FM in the UK is totally different to that in Oman! With our colonial links still intact (sort of!), it was encouraging to see the practices of FM in good shape. The architecture of the city was a magnificent blend of old and new, with original buildings sat under the old flight path of Hong Kong International, right next door to modern, high end retail units. 

As a visitor to the Far East I was under no illusion that this region love their tech, but that was on a consumer level, what I was intrigued to discover was how far this reached into the business world. What I was encouraged to hear was Hong Kong was not to dissimilar to the UK. While consumer technology continues to gallop forward, the conscious and careful business world places a careful eye on the trends and opportunities that are being created. With this blend of consumer and business tech, there is a clear need in the region for engaging end users and connecting them to the workplace, a perfect time then to demo Concept Advantage!

After four packed days, with little time to myself (well done Danny!) my trip was over and I was ready to catch up on some sleep. Merry Christmas everyone, here's to an amazing 2018, it's set to be a busy year for FSI in Hong Kong!