Training Services

Concept Software Training

We nurture them…
Concept training is delivered by FSI’s own highly skilled instructors, empowering your team and giving them the confidence and skills to make Concept work for your business.

The stats speak for themselves…
We have been delivering training since 1991 to more than 20,000 users from 600 organisations – an average of 30 on-site training courses per month worldwide.  And counting!

Your input counts…
All trainees are asked to evaluate their instructor and course content at the end of a course, results of which are reviewed to ensure Client satisfaction and performance is maintained.

Time now for the spiel…
FSI offer a range of client-specific and customised courses, as well as delivery options to meet your on-going Concept training needs.

Comprehensive and high-quality step-by-step training manuals are included with our training courses, leaving you with material for future reference.

How to experience Concept training:

Scheduled training at FSI: a hands-on approach for learning new skills which can be applied back at base.  Face-to-face, instructor-led training with practical examples, delivered in a training environment which is ideal for optimal learning.

  • Meet fellow clients for networking opportunities: exchange user tips and information, and share best practice.

Please contact FSI's Training Department to check availability and to book your place.

At your workplace and additional services: bringing Concept training to you.  Our standard range of courses can be delivered or customised. New courses can be created, workbooks and quick guides can also be developed to suit your requirements.

We can also provide:

  • Short, user-focussed training sessions to address the needs of different users at differing levels.
  • ‘Trainer for Hire’', a trainer on site for the day without a set agenda*. 
  • ‘Walk the floor’, bridging the gap between the classroom and the live workplace to assist and answer questions from your team.

Your company database can be replicated during training**, ensuring employees and facilities managers familiarise themselves with real-time scenarios before going live in the work environment.

Please contact FSI if you would like to discuss your training needs and to arrange a quote, or for any Concept training queries.

Payment for FSI Training Services is subject to terms and conditions. Cancellation terms may apply.

*Not including Workflow consultancy or Report-specific consultancy.

**Applies to dedicated client training sessions.  Additional costs incurred for data preparation.