Visual Booking for Concept Evolution™ is a quick and easy way to search and book any available resources in a visual layout via interactive maps and zones.

Static images including regional maps, building floor plans, schematics or photographs of buildings or locations can be uploaded and be overlaid with shapes that represent one or many zones.

The zones can either represent a bookable facility such as a desk or can be drilled down into another zone. This allows for a flexible zone hierarchy that can map company structure or geographical regions without being restricted to site, building and location.

The screens provide a visual representation of each space, allowing users to easily and instantly view available resources.

Availability is shown on maps in green, space booked by the logged in user is shown on maps in blue, and space booked by other users is shown on maps in red. Hovering over bookings shows the contact for that booking. Flexible multi-day booking functionality and booking on behalf of other users is also available.

Via the Visual Booking widget, users can select shapes on the map to book a location, as well as to search a location for a given Date and Time via filters.

Via the Check-in widget, a list of bookings for the day can be displayed and functionality includes the ability to check-in to those bookings.

Once a booking has been made, Workflow. can be used to automate confirmation emails to the booking contact and to automate release of un- checked-in bookings.

Features of Visual Booking include:

  • Search and book any available resources in a visual layout via interactive maps and zones
  • Ability to upload company floor plans for making bookings
  • Easily identifiable colour scheme for booked and bookable resources
  • Flexible multi-day booking
  • Booking on behalf of other users
  • Confirmation emails can be achieved with Workflow.
  • Check-in: for users to check-in to their bookings on arrival