Webinar: Facilities Cost Monitor by BSRIA

Webinar: Facilities Cost Monitor by BSRIA

Bernard Williams

Webinar: Banchmarking Best Practice for FMs
Date: Tuesday 11 March 2008, 3:30pm (GMT)
Location: On-Line

The webinar will introduce BSRIA's Operation & Maintenance Benchmarking Network and report on our pilot study of software developed by Bernard Williams and FSI called Facilities Cost Monitor.
The BSRIA benchmarking network will be outlined and the software details will be demonstrated with a walk through the questionnaire to experience its pragmatic approach along with benchmarking results. The software we have tested improves the accuracy of benchmarking and removes the uncertainty of comparing apples with pears by accounting for the differences in the service levels within a building. The software has been used by the Network to look at Maintenance costs and Energy costs including a CO2 emissions benchmark and is also capable of benchmarking other FM services.

The webinar will inform Building Owner Operators, Facilities Managers and Service Providers on the benefits of benchmarking and provide a demonstration of two areas, Maintenance and Energy, with regard to performance and costs.

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