What's new in Concept Evolution™ version

What's new in Concept Evolution™ version

Concept Evolution™ version includes enhancements to the Resource Planner and Room Booking.

The Resource Planner can now be used in conjunction with Calenders, which can be assigned to Resources.  This allows for complex shift patterns to be created which can therefore be used to build up a calendar of working hours for assigning to a Resource.

With this functionality, the Resource Planner can be used to manage the assignment of Tasks to the Resources who are working complex shift patterns.

Ehancements to Room Booking include:

  • Added flexibility in defining the additional Location information fields that can be displayed in the Booking Planner and within the Facilities Booking Reach widget.
  • A new built-in query function has been created to add the flexibility of "my bookable locations" to Reach queries to tailor published query results to the logged in user.

Contact info@fsifm.com for more information regarding the full content for Concept Evolution™ version