Why Is Facilities Management So Important?

Why Is Facilities Management So Important?


Why is facilities management so important? It's a question we've often seen asked by managing directors who have been busy growing their business to a stage where they now have large buildings to manage, staff and HR to track and are looking for a complete platform to manage it across.

In the UK alone market research suggests that the facilities management sector is worth between £40bn and £95bn per annum. In recent years the awareness of facilities management has heightened due to the media coverage of PFI/PPP initiatives and financial divisions within organisations understanding the true benefit it has to the business.

What Benefits Does Facilities Management Offer?

  •          Enable cost-effective working processes within the business
  •          Smarter working using intelligent IT systems and applications
  •          Management of buildings, people, assets and much more
  •          Integrate business information into one software platform
  •          Increase the overall efficiency of an organisation
  •          Maintain complete compliancy

How is a Facility Correctly Managed?

Managing a facility correctly requires business owners to invest in a software application which is going to allow their facilities manager to work with large sets of information and log compliancy information, asset maintenance information and every process through the facility management lifecycle.

The benefit for business owners and key decision makers is that facilities management software allows you to access powerful reporting functions that give you greater insights into your facility and enables you to better analyse and make more informed decisions.

One of the key reasons facilities management is so important is that when a business is co-ordinating people, the health and safety responsibilities require you to be completely ready to tackle any situation. By managing your facility you can properly co-ordinate the maintenance of assets and prolong the lifespan of components within your building or facility.

With recent developments in technology, facilities management has also entered the mobile platform with applications developed which enable facilities managers to work on the go. The benefit of FM software being available on a mobile platform is that it allows facilities managers to be agile and responsive, logging maintenance issues on the spot and accessing the same dataset that's on the main infrastructure.

Different Needs Across Industries, Tailored To You

One of the overriding benefits of facilities management software is that the facilities manager can work with the provider to create a package which is tailored completely to the business. They can choose the right modules which pertain to their needs and it can also be scalable to long-term business growth.

Recap: The Importance Of Facilities Management

  •          Increase the cost-efficiency of the business
  •          Manage health and safety requirements
  •          Increase the lifespan of your assets
  •          Monitor and maintain compliancy

As your business grows, your offices get bigger and you take on more staff facilities management becomes absolutely imperative; facilities management now represents 5% of the global GDP so its importance should never be underestimated.

What's The Next Step?

If you're researching facilities management and are wondering if it's something that your business should be managing properly, you can get in touch with one of our facilities management experts by emailing us: enquiries@fsifm.com or give us a call: +44 (0) 1708 251900