Building upon the functionality of Workflow Lite™, Workflow Pro™ includes a standard set of reusable software components (nodes) which enable the automation of business processes and integration of Concept Evolution™ with other business systems.


Manual procedures can be fully automated via Workflow Pro™ to improve efficiency and drive process. The module includes the ability to define deployment specific rules for complete control of facilities activities.

Automation examples include:

  • Auto assignment of resources to jobs based on task criteria
  • Auto population of the Concept™ contact register on insert of helpdesk tasks
  • Auto-completion of Concept™ data to reduce input time
  • Auto job record/purchase order creation against user defined business rules
  • Validation and completion of purchase orders from electronic invoices
  • Automatic creation, issue and distribution of scheduled reports
  • Automated report distribution (parameter specific reports)


Workflow Pro™ provides a standard integration framework for interfacing Concept Evolution™ with other business systems. Data exchange formats include XML (eXtensible Markup Language), CSV (Comma Separated Value) or SQL (Structured Query Language) using email, FTP or web services.

The use of Workflow Pro™ provides a structured yet flexible set of tools for integration projects and therefore offers many benefits over specifically written interfaces.

Integration examples include:

  • Transfer of financial data and finance code structures with systems such as SAP®, Oracle Financials®, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Sage, JD Edwards, Agresso etc
  • Active Directory and Exchange Server
  • Real time scheduling systems i.e. OPTI-TIME
  • Subcontractor works management systems
  • Radio integration
  • HR, payroll and time recording systems
  • BMS, ICA and SCADA feeds.

Features of Workflow Pro™ include:

  • Database event triggers
  • File and email event triggers
  • Timed and scheduled event triggers
  • Automatic import/export of data
  • Integration with Active Directory®, Exchange Server® and other business system

Workflow Pro™ can be supplied either on a locked runtime or unrestricted basis. Executable workflows can also be defined which may be called as part of a specific workflow process.